Work Ready

Tier III Achievers
Congratulations Tier III Achievers! You have gone above and beyond, raised the bar and shown that you are some of ASC's fittest and strongest!
(All raffle winners will be notified after our last mass event by email on 12/20/19)



Tier III Requirements:
Step Test- 96 BPM for 5 min on a 20" box
Push-Ups- 30 Full push-ups from the feet
Plank: 120 sec
Side Plank: 40 hips dips on each side
Agility: Less than 4 sec
Deadlift- 75 lbs 10 times
Upright Row- 50 lbs 5 times
Overhead Lift- 25 lbs 5 times (Only for positions that already require an overhead lift as a Tier I requirement)
Balance- 30 sec on  each leg on Bosu flipped over with shoe on
Flexibility- Must reach your toes or beyond
Complete all elements of Tier III and get entered into our raffle to win a $100 gift card and all Tier III achievers will get their name published on the MBS website as one of our fittest employees!


If you have any questions or need any help preparing for your assessment, please reach out to Alisa at [email protected]