Work Ready

Tier III Achievers
Congratulations Tier III Achievers! You have gone above and beyond, raised the bar and shown that you are some of ASC's fittest and strongest! (List Updated through 12/20/18 event)


Charlie Abramson- Aspen Patrol

Lange Adams- Aspen Ski School

Andrew Aldercotte- Aspen Ski School

Nikolas Anastas- Aspen Ski School

Michael Blakeslee- Aspen Other Mountain Ops

Jack Burger- Aspen Patrol

Timothy Cafe- Aspen Ski School

Cowan Chang- Aspen Snow Pro

Christina Favaloro- Aspen Patrol

Lucas Franze- Aspen Snow Pro

Kelly Goheen- Aspen Patrol

Anne Gonzales- Aspen Patrol

Jim Hancock- Aspen Ski School

Logan Ice- Aspen Race Crew

Jay Kiker- Aspen Race Crew

Robbie Klimek- Aspen Patrol

Mike Kloser- Aspen Ski School

Rick Lynch- Aspen Patrol

Charlie MacArthur- Aspen Ski School

Benjamin Mackoff- Aspen Patrol

Alfredo Martinez- Aspen Ski School

Christian Messner- Aspen Snow Pro Trainer

Adam Moszynski- Aspen Ski School

Thomas Parks- Aspen Ski School

Elissa Rodman- Aspen Patrol

Thomas Roennau- Aspen Snow Pro Trainer

Barbara Sanders- Aspen Ski School

Jeb Scicluna- Aspen Ski School

Scott Strickland- Aspen Snow Pro

Tory Thomas- Aspen Snow Pro

Gordon Turner- Aspen Other Mountain Ops

Jennifer Weier- Aspen Ski School

Sam Wiley- Aspen Lifts

Andrew Wylie- Aspen Ski School


Parent Co & More...

James Adams- Parent Company

Jonathan Ballou- Parent Company

Alexander Bell- On Mountain Dining

Tucker Burton- Parent Company

Brandon Crowell- On Mountain Dining

Donald Evans- On Mountain Dining

Joshua Fogg- Parent Company Snow Pro Trainer

Ryland French- Parent Company

Tommy Hilleke- Parent Company

Andrew Joy- Parent Company

Tyler Lindsay- Parent Company

Austin Mably- Parent Company

John Pfautz- On Mountain Dining

Stan Prichard- Parent Company

Deandre Ruffin- On Mountain Dining

Andrew Swan- Tune Shop/Rental Retail



Fred Ables- Buttermilk Ski School

Trevor Adams- Buttermilk Terrain Park & Pipe

Christopher Ammons- Buttermilk Ski School

Peter Ammons- Buttermilk Ski School

Aaron Anderson- Buttermilk Ski School

Oscar Azevedo- Buttermilk Ski School

Matthew Bates- Buttermilk Ski School

William Benning- Buttermilk Ski School

Elizabeth Bergdahl- Buttermilk Patrol

Ben Bocksch- Buttermilk Snow Pro

Fiona Brown- Buttermilk Patrol

Thiago Campos- Buttermilk Ski School

James Cohen- Buttermilk Ski School

Ryan Courter- Buttemilk Lifts

Jacques Deyoe- Buttermilk Ski School

Jeffrey Edelson- Buttermilk Patrol

Tomas Socrates Fernandez- Buttermilk Ski School

Gabor Ferenczi- Buttermilk Ski School

Lautaro Galan- Buttermilk Ski School

Andy Gusick- Buttermilk Ski School

Chris Halsey- Buttermilk Patrol

Tyler Haney- Buttermilk Product Sales & Services

Ange Harris- Buttermilk Ski School

Victoria Huergo- Buttermilk Patrol

Sarah Jiottis- Buttermilk Ski School

Carter Keene- Buttermilk Lifts

Carl Kishbaugh- Buttermilk Patrol

Marian Krogh- Buttermilk Ski School

Elsa Lapeze- Buttermilk Snow Pro

Diego Madero- Buttermilk Ski School

Dana Miraglia- Buttermilk Ski School

Paul Naschak- Buttermilk Ski School

Conrad Niven- Buttermilk Ski School

Daniel Palmer- Buttermilk Patrol

Zachary Paris- Buttermilk Ski School

Kristine Petrandis- Buttermilk Ski School

Catharine Pieck- Buttermilk Snow Pro

Alexander Raywood- Buttermilk Lifts

Grant Reeder- Buttermilk Terrain Park & Pipe

Taylor Ries- Buttermilk Ski School

Charlotte Roennau- Buttermilk Snow Pro

Manuel da Silva Evora- Buttermilk Ski School

Liam Sipsey- Buttermilk Ski School

Rachel Thomas- Buttermilk Patrol

Lauren Twohig- Buttermilk Ski School

Maddison Voshell- Buttermilk Ski School

Katy Willcox- Buttermilk Patrol



Montana Barrowcliff- Mountain Ops

Jonathan Berger- Highlands Ski School

Tori Campisi- Highlands Ski School

Dennis Handley- Highlands Snow Pro Trainer

Timothy Lawler- Highlands Ski School

Robert Leavitt- Highlands Snow Pro

Terrence Leitch- Highlands Patrol

Ben McCarter- Highlands Guest Services

Terry McShane- Highlands Patrol

Lyndsay Meyer- Highlands Ski School

Josh Paine- Highlands Ski School

Bryn Peterson- Highlands Ski School

Rodrigo Ramirez- Highlands Other Mountain Ops

Jim Schanzenbaker- Highlands Ski School

Pete Van Deventer- Highlands Snow Pro Trainer

Angie Ward- Highlands Patrol

Ryan Watts- Highlands Ski School



Isaac Barnes- Snowmass Ski School

Matthew Bates- Snowmass Snow Pro

Wes Blasburg- Snowmass Patrol

Michael Bone- Snowmass Snow Pro

Timothy Borden- Snowmass Ski School

Elan Bouchet- Snowmass Ski School

Scott Briggs- Snowmass Snow Pro

Chris Burgart- Snowmass Ski School

David Burnette- Snowmass Ski School

Libor Bystron- Snowmass Ski School

Eric Callahan- Snowmass Lift Op

Tadeo Casellas- Snowmass Ski School

Bart Cerf- Snowmass Ski School

Jeffrey Clark- Snowmass Ski School

Jonathan Clark- Snowmass Lift Maintenance

Brent Compton- Snowmass Ski School

Andrew Conarroe- Snowmass Snow Pro

Sam Cordi- Snowmass Ski School

Matthew Cordts- Snowmass Terrain Park & Pipe

Georgina Cornwall- Snowmass Snow Pro

Susan Cross- Snowmass Admin

Andrea Cutter- Snowmass Ski School Services

Alexander Darbut- Snowmass Ski School

Allen Davenport- Snowmass Snow Pro

Guy DeCarlo- Snowmass Snow Pro

Jason Demmons- Snowmass Ski School

William Draper- Snowmass Ski School

Sean Durham- Snowmass Ski School

Ashley Eberly- Snowmass Snow Pro

Roddick Guillermo- Snowmass Ski School

Enrique Evia Roca- Snowmass Ski School

Juan Rodrigo Fernandez- Snowmass Ski School

Andrew Fernitz- Snowmass Ski School

Conor Flynn- Snowmass Patrol

Carlos Gancedo- Snowmass Ski School

Josh Ganz- Snowmass Ski School

Lara Getz- Snowmass Snow Pro

Adam Gilbert- Snowmass Snow Pro

Benjamin Gottlieb- Snowmass Snow Pro Trainer

Christy Graves- Snowmass Ski School

Dave Gray- Snowmass Guest Services

Joel Griffin- Snowmass Patrol

Hillary Gross- Snowmass Snow Pro

Mark Herman- Snowmass Snow Pro

Sarah Jacobs- Snowmass Ski School

James Johns- Snowmass Ski School

John Judy- Snowmass Ski School

Nicholas Kingsbury- Snowmass Lift Op Lead

Adam Korenblat- Snowmass Patrol

John Kneiper- Snowmass Ski School

Corianne Lambert- Snowmass Snow Pro Trainer

Christy Lamm- Snowmass Ski School

Juan Rodrigo Leslie- Snowmass Ski School

Timothy Mapoles- Snowmass Ski School Services

Tanya Milelli- Snowmass Ski School

Steven Montez- Snowmass Snow Pro

Kristofer Munkel- Snowmass Ski School

Théo Nanin- Snowmass Race Crew

Matthew Naschak- Snowmass Snow Pro

Louis Neil- Snowmass Lifts

Matthew Nelson- Snowmass Lift Maintenance

Christine Newcomb- Snowmass Snow Pro

Scott Noble- Snowmass Ski School

Steve Ochko- Snowmass Ski School

Francisco Oviedo- Snowmass Ski School

Justin Picken- Snowmass Snow Pro

David Plumb- Snowmass Snow Pro

Amanda Poindexter- Snowmass Snow Pro

Jonathan Quitasol- Snowmass Snow Pro

Seth Rejda- Snowmass Guest Services

Catherine Rios- Snowmass Snow Pro

Kim Roberts- Snowmass Ski School

Jason Roy- Snowmass Race Crew

Jen Rupert- Snowmass Ski School

Rory Savatgy- Snowmass Ski School

Pandora Seibold- Snowmass Ski School

Nicholas Schaffer- Snowmass Ski School

Michael Shaffer- Snowmass Ski School

James Shanahan- Snowmass Ski School

Ronnie Shuman- Snowmass Ski School

Vincent Simnacher- Snowmass Ski School

Chad Smith- Snowmass Patrol

Blake Snyder- Snowmass Snow Pro

William Snyder- Snowmass Snow Pro

Nick Sontag- Snowmass Ski School

Dillon Sowers- Snowmass Ski School Services

Brittany Spangler- Snowmass Snow Pro

Natalie Spears- Snowmass Ski School

Lars Stringham- Snowmass Ski School

Jason Sweet- Snowmass Ski School

Ryan Thiers- Snowmass Snow Pro

Jeffrey Thomas- Snowmass Lifts

Javiera Valenzuela- Snowmass Snow Pro

Tomas Vietti- Snowmass Ski School

Alex Voshell- Snowmass Ski School

Lisa Waldman- Snowmass Snow Pro

Hilary Way- Snowmass Snow Pro

Douglas Webb- Snowmass Snow Pro

Erik Wehse- Snowmass Ski School

Jordan White- Snowmass Ski School

Wade White- Snowmass Ski School

Eric Wilhite- Snowmass Ski School

Adam Wilkening- Snowmass Lift Maintenance

Thomas Wills- Snowmass Patrol

Tier III Requirements:
Step Test- 96 BPM for 5 min on a 20" box
Push-Ups- 30 Full push-ups from the feet
Plank: 120 sec
Side Plank: 40 hips dips on each side
Agility: Less than 4 sec
Deadlift- 75 lbs 10 times
Upright Row- 50 lbs 5 times
Overhead Lift- 25 lbs 5 times (Only for positions that already require an overhead lift as a Tier I requirement)
Balance- 30 sec on  each leg on Bosu flipped over with shoe on
Flexibility- Must reach your toes or beyond
Complete all elements of Tier III and get entered into our raffle to win a $100 gift card and all Tier III achievers will get their name published on the MBS website as one of our fittest employees!


If you have any questions or need any help preparing for your assessment, please reach out to Alisa at [email protected]