Agility Assessment Training Program

The work ready agility assessment will need to be completed in 13 seconds or less for lift operators and ski instructors. Lead pros and ski patrol will need to complete the assessment in 6 seconds or less. Follow this training program below, to build up your coordination, strength and balance so that it will be a breeze the day of your work ready assessment!


Phase 1:

  1. Make a line on the ground about 5 feet long. Use sidewalk chalk, tape, jump rope, rope, etc.
  2. Jump with both feet as quickly as you can from side to side over the line (these are called skiers)- keep your feet about hip width apart.
  3. Start with 10 jumps and work up to 20, then move on to Phase 2.


Phase 2:

  1. Make a line on the ground, same as above.
  2. Perform skiers as above, but now on one foot at a time.
  3. Start with 10 jumps on each side and work up to 20, then move on to Phase 3


Phase 3:

  1. Create the full agility quadrant by using tape or sidewalk chalk. Make a 10’ x 3’ quadrant where each box is 1’
  • 10′







  1. Start outside the agility quadrant and jump diagonally from one box to the next all the way through the end (Jumping pattern is represented below with an “x”)


X   X   X   X   X  
  X   X   X   X   X








  1. Start with jumping through 1 time and work up to 5.

See a printable version of this program here

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